Puremaxx is a 4th generation company and we specialize in finding solutions to the needs of both mechanical contractors and in the commercial/ Industrial sectors. Whether its consolidating filter vendors, just in time job-site deliveries custom size filters or indoor air quality equipment….we have you covered!

Puremaxx roots go back to 1964 when John S Rochat began Rochat Heating and Air Conditioning in Knoxville. The motto then was “fast personal service” and that policy has never changed. Responsiveness to every customer inquiry and need is given utmost attention.

Our areas of focus are:

-All types of facility filtration including HVAC, Paint filtration, Dust and fume collection and liquid filters.

-Air Purification equipment for facilities including UV lights, Ionizers and specialty mobile filtration units.

-Products used in preventative maintenance of HVAC equipment such as V-belts, coil cleaner and consumables.




Agenor Rochat (lovingly known as AC Rochat) begins operation of AC Rochat Co. A Knoxville based HVAC company


John S Rochat (brother of AC) begins working for Agenor


John S Rochat (brother of AC) forms Rochat Heating and Air Conditioning and the base for our current company


Filter division started. The HVAC division sold to Four Seasons Comfort and a new name is formed for the filter business (Air Filter Distributors or AFD for short)


 Doug H Rochat takes over ownership and the name is slightly modified to AFD Industrial Filters as the company enters new markets outside of air filters


Son in-law Chuck Kennedy takes over ownership bringing in generation 4 and 5 and the name is Changed to PUREMAXX LLC to encompass a single source replacement filter resource, indoor air quaility equipment and newly added services including jobsite delivery.