UV Lights For Commercial Air Handlers


Large air handlers can be addressed in 1 or 2 areas, either at the evaporative coil or in the supply duct. When installing the UV light for commercial air handlers at the coil, it can be done with just a few lamps for coil irradiation (killing mold and bacteria on the coil) or full air stream sterilization can be achieved by using more lamps. Alternatively, coil irradiation can be done at the coil and the air stream sterilization could be done in a duct (if accessible).

UV emitted from lamps installed in an HVAC system is unfiltered and far more lethal to microbes than sunlight.
Unchecked, even a thin bio­film measuring just a few thousandths of an inch on a cooling coil can reduce HVAC efficiency by 30% to 50% — as well as cause HVAC odors. This fact alone makes UV well worth consideration for maintaining the efficiency and cleanliness of an HVAC system. Contact us for efficiency studies completed.

Puremaxx has focused on solutions for these large air handlers as we have seen a tremendous need in this area. Being as there is not an “out of the box” solution for this application, we have made the process easy for HVAC contractors and facility maintenance crews with our on-site support (actual or virtual) and our ability to tailor a UV light for commercial air handler system to fit the need, is helping to make a safer environment in many facilities.

Bipolar Needlepoint Ionization

Bipolar ionization is also a great tool for IAQ improvements in large air handlers however there are a few things to consider. Placement of these units can change the desired outcome so using a qualified contractor who understands the product is needed. For maximum particle reduction, the devices can be installed before the filtration or for maximum ion dispersion into the occupied area the installation location may be at the fans or possibly further down stream in the supply lines (depending on the length of the runs).

PRO-SERIES UV LIGHTSUse a rack system for mounting at the coil or magnet mount if going in a ductVery flexible mounting options for a variety of conditionsMold, bacteria, viruses, odors, VOCs
AS - SystemExternal mount on duct, drill holes for bulbs only. Needs 120V to 277VFast install, easy to wire, easy to change bulbs later.Mold, bacteria, viruses, odors, VOCs
Bipolar Needlepoint IonizerBefore Filters or in supply areaVery simple install and treats areas beyond the air handlerMold, bacteria, viruses, odors, VOCs

A few of the facilities that have chosen to make the air safer with air purification systems:

Royal Bark
Central United Methodist Church
State Employee's Credit Union
Three Rivers Market
US Foods
Kingsport Dentistry
City of Bristol
Baylor School