Let Puremaxx reduce your vendors and consolidate your purchasing!

In today’s fast paced environment the importance of consolidating is more crucial than ever. Our many years of experience in filtration have allowed us to source OEM replacement filters for many of our customers and not only save money, but bring many other benefits as well.

  • Our close relationship with our customers allows us to set reminders to help you know when it’s time to change your filters to avoid downtime.
  • Our stocking agreement allows us to keep your inventory close to you in the case of an urgent need. This feature also reduces your internal storage issues that many customers are faced with.
  • Dealing with less vendors reduces time in almost every department from purchasing to paying. Many larger companies restrict the amount of vendors approved, but many filter companies specialize and cannot supply a wide spectrum.
  • Save on shipping by combining orders and take advantage of our free shipping in select areas.