When we deliver your filters, belts and coil cleaner, let us bring you some items to keep you safe!

-Face masks  $.67 ea. (50 per box)                                                  -Crocodile oversize Cloths $18.00 (100 pack) or $17 in case quantity (6 packs) TOP SELLER!!

-Gloves $25 box (100 per box)                                                           -Crocodile Antibacterial wipes $20 per pack (200) or $18 in case quantity (10 packs)

-Gallon liquid Hand Sanitizer $30 ea. (4 per case)                  -Small Hand Sanitizer station $225 or $200 for 5 or more

-8 oz pump top hand sanitizer $4.45 ea (24 per case)         -Large Hand Sanitizer station $715

Quantity discounts available on most products if large quantities are required. Call for more information