What is it costing you to have your employees pickup their own filters?

  • Keep your people doing what makes you money! You are not getting paid to stand inline at the supply house. Driving there and back costs money!
  • Keeping less inventory reduces cost and storage. Many customers we have spoken to are disgusted with damage, discontinued filters, storage issues and the time involved with inventorying the filters needed to look after larger accounts!
  • We can work with you on job-site specific needs and send you a notification once your filters are on site!
  • Let us label your filter orderĀ  by your job number, PO, customer name, building, or even building area. This drastically speeds up the installation of the filters.
  • Schedule automated filter deliveries to avoid forgetting orders or running out!


It just makes money…You do what you are great at and we do what we are great at and we do it together…Now that’s a great partnership!

Puremaxx Truck Delivery Zone Map

This map indicates areas served with our own trucks but is in no wise the limit of our service area. Areas outside Zone 5 are typically delivered by a common carrier