Filtration Analysis


Filtration is the first protection for your HVAC equipment and the air you breathe. This is not a place to cut costs and poor filtration will cause your cooling coils to become pugged with dirt causing poor air circulation, excessive draw on your fan motor, potential freezing up of the unit and allow allergens and other airborne particles to enter your facility.

Current guidance from ASHRAE and CDC has raised the suggested minimum rated filter to a MERV 13. Most commercial systems can handle the restriction of these filters but some may struggle with them. There are a number of solutions to help in this scenario and Puremaxx can help with the best solution based on the need.

A number of our site visits have uncovered:

 -Filters not getting changed causing high static pressure or they are no longer stopping dirt

-wrong filters being used (application issues such as high velocity, higher efficiency filters ahead of lower efficiency)

Cutting corners on filters causes additional cost in other areas due to equipment failures, equipment life and efficiency and staff absenteeism due to sickness.