Job Sorting and Labeling

Puremaxx has mastered sorting and labeling filter orders and we offer a number of labeling options. Our large, easy-to-read labels can include any information you find useful. Full box quantity not required so that you get exactly what you need, when you need it! Reducing technician trips to supply houses for filters is a massive savings and efficiency gain for contractors and facilities managers. This also eliminates the storage and inventory issues surrounding keeping up with a stock of filters.

Labeling can include

  • Job name or number
  • PO number
  • Building name or number
  • Box count¬†
  • Pallet numbering
  • and more!
Automated Reoccurring Orders

Find it tough to remember to order filters? Or maybe its just certain jobs or filters that cause you a headache? We know you have a lot to keep up with, so we can send you a order to confirm when its time for a filter change! Our system allows us to keep varying programs for customers that may have a monthly, quarterly and a yearly filter change that are all different. This can be exceptionally important on yearly final filters that may have a longer lead-time. Its just one more way we can lighten your load as a service coordinator or facility manager.


Let Puremaxx manage your filter list for your job specific needs!

Our database is kept up-to-date so that you can order by your customer name, job number or any identification you give us, and we have your correct filter order pulled, labeled and delivered to your facility or directly to your job-site. This reduces the requirements to send a list every time. New innovative features coming soon that will revolutionize how filter lists are handled!

In-house filter manufacturing

Finding custom filters for special applications or sizes can be a serious headache and much time can be wasted! Our high volume production line for resizing pleated filters has given our customer base unparalleled lead times for special sizes.

Our custom sizing includes:

  • Pleats
  • Poly pads
  • Poly rolls
  • And more!
Delivery to you or your jobsite

At Puremaxx, we maintain a fleet of our own trucks driven by our own people. This keeps us in control of our shipments and gives us unparalleled reliability. Eliminate shipping damage, communicate with the driver and set scheduled times for deliveries that fit your schedule. Our jobsite delivery option is a substantial savings on a filter order that may require multiple trips to get them all on-site! We can meet technicians on-site or send you a notification that your filters are on the job!


Filtration Analysis

Sometimes as a contractor or a facility manager, you may want to see what options are available in filtration for various reasons. Puremaxx personnel are available to do joint site visits to review what can be done. 

Current guidance from ASHRAE and CDC has raised the suggested minimum rated filter to a MERV 13. Most commercial systems can handle the restriction of these filters but some may struggle with them. There are a number of solutions to help in this scenario and Puremaxx can help with the best solution based on the need.

Some areas we can assist are:

  • Filters pulling through prematurely
  • Final filter options and identification
  • Seeking to improve the filtration