HVAC Contractors

There is probably no industry that Puremaxx has impacted more than the HVAC contractor industry!

Some contractors have reported increasing the profitability of their preventative maintenance contracts by over 10% when all factors were considered! This is not only in the price of the filters but the efficiency gained by the techs and the time saved in administrative work. Billable hours are key and with a shortage of HVAC technicians, you need a strategy to win!


Some of the winning SOLUTIONS we have implemented are:
  • Providing monthly filter orders sorted and labeled by job delivered to your facility (keep your technicians on the job, not in supply houses)
  • Job-site deliveries for large filter orders (versus sending multiple techs and vans)
  • Get your V-belts and coil cleaner with your filters (our research showed extensive time being spent searching for belts)
  • Get one pack list and invoice per month (consistent pricing and much less administrative work)*note: we can have separate PO numbers for each job on the invoice and bill as one invoice or invoice by each job, your choice.
  • Fast and consistent quoting of filters, including high purity filters (when buying from multiple supply houses, prices are all over the map)
  • Saved filter jobs allow our customers to order by job names (again, reducing administrative work)
  • Order reminders for long lead-time products ahead of the need (helps with scheduling jobs)
  • Fast lead times on all filters, including HEPA and other specialty filters (reduces schedule issues based on waiting on filters)
  • In-house manufacturing of custom-size filters (price advantage and very fast lead times)
  • Virtual or on-site filtration analysis to improve filtration, increase efficiency, meet guidelines, odor removal and much more!
We are completely focused on HVAC preventative maintenance support with:
  • All types of standard HVAC filters with a focus on large commercial, industrial, medical, government and educational facilities.
  • Bulk polyester roll material and cut pads.
  • High purity filtration in stock including HEPA, bags, mini pleats and carbon
  • V-belts for HVAC systems and cooling towers
  • Coil cleaner