Industrial Filtration Products

Industrial Filtration Solutions

Puremaxx Filtration offers valuable support to industrial facilities in many ways:

Reducing Overall Industrial Filtration Product Costs
We have saved some factories over $20,000 a year on one high use filter!

Consolidating Filter Purchasing
We have taken 15 vendors down to 1 for some factories!

Sourcing Hard-to-Find OEM Replacement Filters
In some cases, we can get the same filter the OEM is using for half the price!

Increasing Filtration Effectiveness
Our site visits have uncovered poor filtration practices that can be remedied to improve the process!

For many years, our industrial filtration products and solutions have helped industrial facilities with dust collection, weld smoke removal, HVAC, paint filtration, vacuum system filters, air compressor filters, and many types of liquid filtration including oil, coolant, chemical, and water filters. Replacement filters are often an overlooked maintenance cost that creeps up into a substantial cost. Let us be a resource to your MRO, maintenance personnel, and purchasing department!