Puremaxx offers the largest inventory of HVAC filters in east Tennessee and our in house production line can make custom size filters in large quantities and quickly. We also offer many specialty services to our customers to add value to our filter offering such as:

-Job tagging for contractors or large facility customers. This includes sorting and labeling filters by customer or area of install.

-Full box quantity not required. Get just what you need for one round of install to eliminate storage of filters.

-Jobsite delivery. Have your filters meet you when and when you need to install them.

-Filter list management. Give us your filter list to store so that you can order just by a site or job name.

-Large inventory. We not only keep standard MERV 8 filters, we also carry a large stock of MERV 11 and 13 filters along with many final filters.

-filter consultation. Our experienced staff can help you through a host of filtration issues and upgrades.