Puremaxx is a full line HVAC filter supplier to contractors and end-users. Our large selection of filters are used in every place conditioned air is required. 

Our indoor air quality equipment designed for HVAC systems is used in many forms through out the HVAC system. This includes UVC technology, Photo Catalytic Oxidization, Ionization and more. 


Paint Booth Filters

Puremaxx provides paint booth intake and exhaust filtration for anywhere liquid, powder coat or gel coat finishes are applied. Manufacturing and Auto body repair facilities are the industries we support.


Manufacturing Process Filtration

Puremaxx has a long and experienced history of supporting many types of manufacturing filtration from specialized hydraulic filtration, Liquid separation, weld smoke collection and dust extraction.  


Medical Clean Rooms

Puremaxx has provided filters for critical filtration applications in medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace and technology. UVC technology is also used for air disinfection in duct work and in surface disinfection.


Food Processing

 Puremaxx offers approved filters for food processing and food grade work spaces. This industry is also a prime area for UVC for air and surface disinfection.



Puremaxx has been providing filtration for indoor growers for many years. Controlling correct airflow while removing potential disease is critical in these applications. UVC Light also is a very critical part of disease control for many growers.


Farms and Hatcheries

Puremaxx provides filters and UV lights for chicken farms and hatcheries, and hog barns to control the spread of potential disease.