We supply some of the largest facility groups in the country but remain focused on the individual needs of each industry  

Medical and Pharmaceutical Facilities

Puremaxx is a preferred vendor with both individual hospitals and large buying groups for:

Facility HVAC filters

Surgery center HEPA filters

Cleanroom HEPA filters

Manufacturing Facilities

As a vendor to some of the largest manufacturing facilities in the country, we know how critical filtration needs can be:

Facility HVAC filters

Cleanroom HEPA filters

Oil mist and fume collection filters

Paint filters

Cleanroom Applications

Clean room filters are known for being the longest lead-time filters in the industry, find out why so many turn to Puremaxx for:

Gel seal filters

Box style HEPA filters

Pre filtration

HVAC Contractors

Contractors with large commercial filter contracts have proved Puremaxx as a game changer with:

Filters sorted and labeled by job

Jobsite delivery

24-hour custom size lead time

Huge inventory that includes bags, mini pleats, and HEPA filters

Educational Facilities

Large educational facilities have experienced substantial savings and efficiency gains from coast to coast:

Filters sorted by location

Delivery to individual schools or sites

Odd size filters made in-house

Government Facilities

Puremaxx is a supplier to many local, federal and defence agencies across the country:

HVAC filters sorted and labelled by building or area

High purity filters for critical services

 Filters for jails and detention centers

Nuclear Plants

Nuclear facilities often require specialized filtration with specific testing protocols, call us for:

HVAC filters

Gas phase filters

Carbon and HEPA filtration

Food Processing

Puremaxx has been relied on by some of the best known names in the food industry for our understanding of their unique needs:

HVAC filters

High purity filtration

Specialty filters for FDA approvals

Agricultural Facilities

From chicken farms to mushroom growers, our filters are protecting our food supply:

Filters for controlled environment barns and hatcheries

HEPA filters for grow operations

 High purity filters for sterile animal surgeries

Entertainment and Hospitality Facilities

While your are on vacation, there is a good chance our filters may be keeping your air clean:

Motel and hotel HVAC filters

High purity filters for gun ranges

Odor removal and HVAC filters for gyms