The bipolar needlepoint ion generator can be used independently or in combination with other indoor air quality (IAQ) systems. The negative and positive IONS charge even the smallest airborne particulates causing them to bind together in clusters large enough for capture in filtration. It enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of any air filter. You can also add an ion generator as an additional stage in the breakdown of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

Bipolar ionization contributes to better the air in several ways. First, ionization statically charges tiny, unfilterable micro- and nano-particulates in the air which gathers them into groups large enough for filtration capture, reducing airborne pathogens and suspended nano-particulates. Additionally, ions are germicidal, contributing to the disinfection of the air as it passes through the HVAC system. When installed just upstream of a filter in an HVAC system, a quality filter will capture a much higher percentage of pathogens and other nano-particulates. The second benefit is that the emitted ions are germicidal so they disinfect the filter, making a full filter less of a hazard when removing and throwing away. When installed in a supply line, the ions enter the room and continue work to clear the air or dust, allergens and pathogens. Recent data has now proved that the ions released into a room attach and disable surface pathogens in as little as 30 minutes. This is achieved by robbing the pathogens of their life sustaining hydrogen particles.

 Puremaxx offers a number of ionizers to cover different air flow rages with some of the highest ion count in the industry.

  •  i-6 320 million ions/cc. Designed for up to 6 tons of AC or 2400 CFM
  • i-15 460 million ions/cc. Designed for 7 to 15 tons of AC or 6000 CFM
  • i-36 1.92 billion ions/cc. Designed for up to 36 tons of AC or 14,400 CFM

Great features and benefits

  • reduce allergies, odors, VOCs and remove pathogens from surfaces!
  • very simple installation includes magnetic mounting option
  • No ozone.
  • Connects to any 24 VAC transformer (1 to 6 ton) or 120V to 277V for the 7 to 36 ton models
  • Adjustable ion emitters enable installation in strategic locations
  • Wall plug-in adapter available for the 1 to 6 ton model
  • Transformer provided with the i-15 model
A few of the facilities that have chosen to make the air safer with air purification systems:

Three Rivers Market
US Foods
Kingsport Dentistry
City of Bristol
Baylor School