Hospitals & Pharmaceutical Facilities

Puremaxx’s commitment to the medical industry is reflected in one of the largest inventories of HEPA filters in the country!

Our ability to respond quickly to high-purity filter needs in HVAC or cleanroom environments make our partnership essential! We partner with some of the largest group purchasing organizations (GPOs) to be sure our products are available to every hospital, large or small, nationwide.

Quality is assured with our high-purity filtration trusted by medical facilities around the world. We offer:

  • Facility HVAC filters of all types
  • Surgery room HEPA filters
  • Cleanroom gel-seal HEPA filters
  • Pharmaceutical HEPA filters
With solutions being part of our name, we strive to bring value to our customers in many ways:
  1. Just-in-time deliveries to remove storage issues.
  2. Filters are sorted and labeled by building or area for speed of installation. This includes hospital-specific bar codes if needed.
  3. Receive the exact quantity of filters needed (full case not required) to leave you with nothing to store or discard.
  4. 24-hour filter replacement program for critical filters.
  5. Reoccurring scheduled orders to remove administrative time.
  6. On-site filter surveys to document or improve filtration.
  7. Get your v-belts including cooling tower belts with your filters.