Maxximize Your Efficiency

At Puremaxx we are all about efficiency!!

Pure [pyoor]; Without extraneous and unnecessary elements.

Maxx [maks]; A maximum amount or setting (the second X is for excellence!)

It’s in our name and it’s in our blood. It’s just what we do!

And we don’t stop at just providing products that purify. We apply the same principle to the way we service our customers.

Introducing the Auto Delivery Filter Service

  • Never think about filter shopping again!
  • Never forget to change your filters!
  • Never worry if that filter really is the right one for the job!
How it works:
  1. Send us your filter needs 
  2. We will analyze them and come up with a delivery schedule that works best for you 
  3. Sign the enrollment document 
  4. Your filters will show up at your door when you need them. We will even text you reminders when they need changed.
Frequently asked questions:

Do you charge for shipping?

No shipping is absolutely free

Will I be paying more than I would at the store?

The cost of buying filters this way is within a couple dollars of what you would pay at any big box store and it takes zero effort. What is your time worth? We’ll leave the answer to this question up to you.

What if I change my mind?

No problem you can cancel anytime with no hassle.

What if I end up with a bunch of filters piled up?

That obviously means you are not changing them as often as you should be but no problem. Just let us know and we can adjust your schedule accordingly.

If you are a commercial customer with more than 4 filter sizes needed, just give us a call at 888-251-8668 or list them on our contact us form and we will contact you with the best solution for your situation.