A number of air purifiers are available for package units depending on the unit design or the desired treatment. Coil treatment for mold and bacteria can be achieved with minimal lamps at the air exit side of the coil or full air stream sterilization can be achieved by adding more lamps until a desired kill rate is achieved. Some package units are very tight to work in and therefore a duct may be more ideal for achieving air stream sterilization. Rooftop mounted package units may not always have good access to duct work but ground mounted units usually do.

ProductInstall NotesEffective ForNotes
IONIZERSEasy install with magnet or 2 screws. Wire into 24V fan circuitDust, Allergens1 required for every 6 tons on air being treated
BASIC UV LIGHTSInternal mount with magnet or screws. 12V or 120V-277VMold, Mildew, Virus, bacteriaThese are mainly used for coil cleaning but can be used for air stream if enough are used
EXTERIOR MOUNTED UVMounted on exterior of unit with bulbs protruding into unit. 120V-277VMold, Mildew, Virus, bacteriaWeather proof allows for changing bulbs without opening unit
EZ MATRIX UVCan be installed at the coil or inside a duct. 120V-277VMold, Mildew, Virus, bacteriaThis can be used for coil treatment or for full airstream disinfection
AS SYSTEMEasy install on accessible ductwork 120V-277VMold, Mildew, Virus, bacteriaFor airstream treatment only. Easy access to bulbs

A few of the facilities that have chosen to make the air safer with air purification systems:

US Foods
Kingsport Dentistry
City of Bristol
Baylor School