Split Unit UV Air Purifiers


SPLIT UNITS (with indoor and outdoor components) are prone to contamination from mold, mildew, allergens, viruses, and other substances detrimental to health. With split unit UV light air purifiers from Puremaxx, you can feel safe knowing your air is being cleaned from those contaminants. UV light is proven to inactivate bacteria and viruses and is a widely used technology to rid the air of harmful contaminants and increase indoor air quality. UV lights installed in an HVAC system emit unfiltered UV light, which is far more lethal to microbes than sunlight. Split unit UV light air purifiers can be addressed in several ways depending on need or budget. Ask a Puremaxx expert for help selecting the best HVAC air purification device for the design of your unit.

Bipolar Needlepoint Ionizers

Bipolar ionizers are an excellent IAQ improvement for split units. These small devices mount very easily and the results are impressive. Reduction in allergens, bacteria and mold while making the air feel crisper and cleaner, are all benefits found from these simple yet effective devices.

Air Purifier TypeInstallation NotesEffective onNotes
BIPOLAR NEEDLEPOINT IONIZEREasy install, 2 screws and wire into 24v fan circuitDust, allergens, mold, viruses, odorsThese make filtration more effective. Can be combined with UV for a well-rounded treatment
COMPACT SERIES UV LIGHTSEasy install, magnetic or 2 screws, wire into 24V fan circuitMold, Bacteria,
viruses, allergens, VOCs
Can be installed at the coil or in a duct to treat mold on the coil or airstream sterilization
UV LIGHT WITH CARBONModerate install, cut hole in duct (30 mins) wire into 24V Fan CircuitMold, Odors,
Bacteria, Viruses, allergens, VOCs
Our top seller is a well-rounded treatment. Add a secondary lamp for increased disinfection.
UV LIGHT WITH PCOModerate install, cut
hole in duct (30 mins)
wire into 24V fan circuit
Mold, Odors,
Bacteria, Viruses, allergens, VOCs
This very effective unit gives off a safe amount of ozone with slight odor. Many
people enjoy the smell but some dislike it
hole in duct (30 mins)
wire into 24V fan circuit
Mold, Odors,
Bacteria, Viruses, allergens, VOCs
This best of both worlds’ unit has ionization and UV in one for a well-rounded

A few of the facilities that have chosen to make the air safer with air purification systems:

Royal Bark
Central United Methodist Church
State Employee's Credit Union
Three Rivers Market
US Foods
Kingsport Dentistry
City of Bristol
Baylor School