UVC lamps have been used since the early 1900s and have long been proven to be very effective at destroying viruses and pathogens. These systems
can be installed in HVAC Equipment or installed directly in rooms for more intense treatment of specific areas. Puremaxx takes an unbiased holistic approach to air purification systems, often combining technologies to achieve to best results for our customers.

As HVAC systems work to control indoor climates for comfort and optimized productivity, HVAC operation also promotes the biological contamination of indoor air. Bio-growth — particularly mold — that occurs on normally wet cooling coils and other interior surfaces, is a common problem and can be the major source of unhealthy air in any building. Since COVID-19 we have become more aware of airborne contaminations and the importance of taking measures to keep our air purified to the best of our abilities. We are experiencing improved morale, less absenteeism and increased production in areas that have implemented IAQ improvement measures.  

Puremaxx has developed eco-smart solutions that work to reduce allergies, occurrences of the flu, colds, viruses and other health issues that arise from contaminated indoor air. At the same time, HVAC energy and maintenance costs can be reduced, often eliminating the need for expensive and environmentally-detrimental chemical HVAC coil cleaning techniques. Just a few thousands of an inch of bio-film can reduce efficiency of a unit by over 30%. This simple fact alone can make the payoff of a UVC system, very quick!

Not all UV lights are equal! A coil cleaning light is typically not adequate for air stream purification. Also recirculate versus fresh air and single pass versus multiple pass are all considerations to take into account. Let us help spec the correct system for your application.

The videos below for our split unit combination air purifiers. We also can combine technologies for larger package units and air handlers. We also have systems available for mini-splits and PTAC units.

A few of the facilities that have chosen to make the air safer with air purification systems:

Three Rivers Market
US Foods
Kingsport Dentistry
City of Bristol
Baylor School