Did you know UV lights are proven to kill viruses and bacteria? Installing these in your HVAC system is an excellent prevention measure to keep the air you breathe safe. It also keeps your HVAC unit clean therefore reducing service calls. Another popular application for high-output germicidal UV light is sterilization of (unoccupied) room surfaces or use the upper room UV to sterilize air coming and leaving room at ceiling level. It is critical for facilities such as hospitals, veterinary clinics, and food processing centers to limit the spread of biological contaminants as much as possible. It is an excellent way to sterilize isolation rooms while unoccupied. 

Not all UV lights are equal! A coil cleaning light is typically not adequate for air stream purification. Also recirculate versus fresh air and single pass versus multiple pass are all considerations to take into account. Let us help spec the correct system for your application.

UV light systems can be set up to clean coils, purify the air stream or a combination of both. Coil cleaning uses a low output light as it is working on stationary bacteria but air stream purification must be much more concentrated to sterilize moving air. Let Puremaxx spec your system for optimum purification and sterilization.

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