Where Do I Start?

Improving indoor air quality can be challenging with many aspects to consider.

First you need to know what you want to achieve:

  • Remove allergens and or mold
  • Reduce C02 levels
  • Kill bacteria and viruses
  • particle removal
  • odor elimination 
  • Coil cleaning
  • Increase HVAC equipment efficiency

Then its a question of how and where to treat the air as it can be treated using your HVAC system or a standalone system.

 Puremaxx IAQ takes a holistic approach to air purification as we do not believe that a “one size fits all” or an equipment biased approach is in the best interest of our customers. Using proven third party testing and available data, we customize each system to the specific needs of our customers. Typically we partner with an HVAC contractor or an in-house HVAC service tech to access the equipment and work out the best solution possible.

The below drawing shows a number of options for improving indoor air quality issues.


FILTERS are always your first line of protection for both your equipment and the air you breath. Be sure these filters are at the maximum efficiency that your equipment can handle. A minimum MERV 13 filter is recommended but not all systems are able to handle the pressure drop that these create. These filters are also capturing more particles and therefore will need changed more often. Most commercial systems can handle a MERV 13 filter however if they are not able, then options such as mini pleats are a great solution to allow more air flow without dropping the MERV rating. A lot can be accomplished with filters but they are only one of a few steps that can be taken.


Bipolar Needlepoint Ionization

BIPOLAR NEEDLEPOINT IONIZATION is another way to improve your filters efficiency. The negative and positive IONS generated by the Ionizer charge even the smallest airborne particulates causing them to bind together in clusters large enough for capture in filtration. It enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of any air filter. Emerging studies also show that this type of ionization is proving effective in combating viruses and bacteria.


UV Lights

UV LIGHTS were first used to control the “dirty sock syndrome” caused by mold in HVAC systems. This unpleasant smell is result of mold growth on the evaporative coil and UV lights destroy this growth and keep it from returning. UV can also be used in airstream purification to Sterilize moving air. In achieving this, proper sizing of the UV system is critical to get the desired kill rate. UV is often coupled with other technology to remove odors and particle capture media.


Stand Alone Air Purifiers

STAND ALONE AIR PURIFIERS can be used to address issues in isolated or high-risk areas. For example: nurses office, elevators, waiting rooms and isolation rooms. There are a few standalone options available such as wall mount, Ceiling mount, mobile and desktop. Wall mounted is a great silent option that takes up no floor space and sterilizes the warm air as it rises into the kill zone. Mobile units can be repositioned as needed and desktop units can be used for individual use. Note: there are many inferior and ineffective products available in this space so do your homework well!

Increasing fresh air is also a consideration if your system has this capability